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Why Choose SEOmd for Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization?

Why Choose SEOmd

1. Communication – We want your business to understand why we are recommending the changes that we do, so as a business owner, or business professional that you can feel at ease with everything that we do to continually work to get (and keep) your organic ranking on the SERPs. SEO lingo can be confusing. We are available and open to communicating in a way that you understand. And if you don’t understand something we are discussing, just ask! There are no stupid questions and your question might open a conversation that gives us more in depth knowledge of your business model that will help us in the organic search work that we do for your website.

2. Professionalism – We start the process by reporting on what the current state of your organic rankings are and each month you will get a new report showing how much the keywords on your website are going up (or down).

3. Transparency – While no one can guarantee your results, we can give you a timeline on what you are most likely to see over the course of the coming months we are working on your website. If your site has been around for years and doesn’t have any penalties, we can usually get relatively quick results where as if you have a brand new site, you will have to expect the results to take a longer time – the SERPs see an older site as more of an authority site.

4. Knowledge – Ok, no one likes someone who brags, but that being said, we know a lot about SEO! Not only do we have a lot of Search Engine Optimization knowledge and traingin, we take that knowledge and think about it creatively and how that applies to your specific niche and your products.

We are continually committed to learning and growth. In this day and age if your business is stagnant than your business is going to go the way of the dinosaur! We are constantly working to grow our knowledge, systems and performance, just like you want to grow your business.

5. Fun! – we love what we do! We make work fun, because we are all passionate about what we do and are committed to having fun doing the work for your business. We like to think of our customers as more of a partner than another client. We know from experience that if we can grow your business through the power of Great SEO that it will help grow our business. In fact we depend on it! We are all here to perform the gifts that have been given to us and at SEOmd we find the people who are enjoy and are great at being an SEO professional.